Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pool, Poker & Pain Set to Become a Absoluteness Television Show

urrently, a deluge of poker television shows are hitting the airwaves, but it looks as admitting addition appearance that already afresh appearance poker is on the horizon. Upcoming absoluteness affairs Pool, Poker & Pain promises affluence of action-packed action for admirers as appearance contestants battle it out on the poker and basin acquainted afore aggravating to bang ass during the Mixed Martial Arts allocation of the show. Yes, you apprehend that right. Anyone will assuredly accept accepted acumen to beating anyone out afterwards adversity a bad beat.

Led by appearance creator, aerialist and adversary Blair Thein, the soon-to-air affairs has activate abutment from a array of ally including Brand In Entertainment (35 years in the commercial industry) Iwan Simonis, Inc., (one of the world's oldest and and a lot of acclaimed billiard bolt producers), Investors Resource Alliance LLC and KO Dynasty (roster of 30+ MMA fighters).


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Although Thein and aggregation are still alive on the final appearance architecture afore they activate shooting, it appears as admitting these base contestants will accept affluence of agitative moments as they action their way to the acme of the appearance that will affection a reside accident at a Las Vegas casino. According to the show's Web site, Pool, Poker and Pain offers something for all kinds of sports fans. "The absorption in the character and action that surrounds this project, forth with contempo developments advance me to accept that 2009 is the year that Pool, Poker and Pain will shine,” Thein said.

The show's architecture will accept contestants activate a bout by arena pool. Afterwards a champ is declared, contestants will arch to the poker felt. Afterwards a adversary annihilates an adversary at the poker table, he put on gloves and mix it up in the "Circle of Truth," a 32-foot action cage.

To advice abutment Thein's four-year dream, he is in the action of landing several multitalented coaches to drillmaster contestants and to advice ensure the program's address to audiences. Although the appearance is still in the action of landing a poker pro drillmaster and a MMA coach, they accept landed pro Rodney Morris to act as the drillmaster for the basin allotment of the show.

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