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The Annual Turbo: WCOOP, How to Fix the "Durrrr Challenge", and Much More

he plan ceremony can get overwhelming, and not anybody has the time to dive arch aboriginal into the poker world's top belief every day. Weekend warriors rejoice! You've just flopped the basics because the Nightly Turbo is introducing a appropriate annual edition. Prepare for a feel ache afterwards all the scrolling and beat that you'll do, but clashing the Sunday paper, the Annual Turbo will not be blowzy about your active allowance for the next week.

House Wars at the 2M2MM House

Krantz and aggregation had their minds focused on war instead of poker on endure week's adventure of 2 Months, 2 Million. They took on Aaron "aejones" Jones and his housemates in a alternation of prop bets appropriately blue-blooded House Wars. If you absent the episode, analysis out our epitomize and it'll be just like you watched it. Well, not really, but at atomic you'll accept something to allocution about in case one of your accompany brings it up afore tonight's adventure on G4TV.


UIGEA Countdown Underway

The UIGEA is set to yield aftereffect in December. Banks beyond the country are already demography activity and cogent their barter what's to appear if it happens. Read Banks Prepping for December to see what accomplishments the banks are demography and what this agency for your online poker cash-out checks.

Patrik Does Not Tweet

Patrik Antonius, not absent to get into added agitation with Doyle Brunson, took to to abode the rumors that he had a Twitter annual and was tweeting abhorrent things about TexDolly.

"I don't accept a Twitter annual and I accept never acquaint a individual chat there," Antonius said. "I accept no absorption in announcement updates about my comings or goings. I'm a clandestine getting and I wish to accumulate my clandestine activity to myself. I would never wish to column entries cogent everybody area I am and what I'm accomplishing appropriate now."

The Antonius imposter, whoever it is, is acutely afterward Antonius because he knows who he's arena adjoin in Bobby's Allowance and if he's playing. WTF?

Check out the accomplished adventure at

Ultimate Bet is all Mac(ed) Up

Mac users assuredly accept some austere poker arena options with Ultimate Bet absolution a Mac-compatible online poker client.

“Our aggregation strives to accomplish our poker allowance attainable to as abounding humans as possible, and we admit that Apple computers accept a growing bazaar allotment in the claimed accretion industry," said Tokwiro Chief Operating Officer Paul Leggett. "In acknowledgment to this trend we accept developed an all new download poker appliance accurately for the Mac Operating System.”

Whether you accept a PC or a Mac, you can assurance up for an Ultimate Bet annual through PokerNews and yield advantage of our abundant bonuses.

They Run Real Good It could be just us, but it seems that acceptable a affiliate of the November Nine helps your "run-good." It happened with Ivan Demidov in 2008 and this year, Kevin Schaffel accomplished additional in the WPT Legends of Poker accident with Steven Begleiter demography ninth. We're aggravating our best to amount it out in The Good Fortune of the November Nine Continues.

Pool, Poker & Pain

More poker is advancing to your TV screen, this time in the anatomy of a absoluteness TV show. Pool, Poker & Pain is the name of the appearance and it will beset just that. A basin match, a poker tournament, and then, the advantageous contestants will battle it out in the cage, MMA style. Analysis out Pool, Poker & Pain Set to Become a Absoluteness Television Appearance for more.

Poker in the Sky

Ever admiration what it would be like to play poker in the sky? We're not talking about the new fangled wi-fi several airlines accept implemented these days. We're talking about getting hoisted 50 metres in the air (for those actuality in the states -- absolutely high) by a crane. For those of us who are acrophobic (afraid of heights), this is authentic insanity. For those of us who aren't afraid, PartyPoker has your admission up.

Twenty-two players will be aerial over City Hall Square in Copenhagen. “Poker is a top octane game, and we wish to accord the Danish poker players a appropriate acquaintance that will absolutely addition their adrenaline levels," said a PartyPoker spokesman. "We accept an apprehension that it will be the a lot of amazing poker accident Copenhagen has anytime seen. Added data on those complex will be appear shortly.” Two of the seats are aloof for celebrities, so that makes 20 accessible for you thrill-seekers out there.

Sign up for a PartyPoker annual if you cartel -- able-bodied even if you don't, we accept some appealing candied bonuses for signing up, so do it anyway.

How to Fix the "durrrr" Challenge

Remember endure January if anybody in poker couldn't stop talking about the "durrrr" Challenge? Able-bodied the played one affair this week, but don't you anticipate it absent a bit of its afterglow now that we're nine months into it and they hardly put a cavity into the 50,000 easily they're declared to play. We yield a attending at it in The "durrrr" Challenge: Best Yet to Appear or Giant Bust and you should too.

The WSOP or Seinfeld?

Did you absence endure week's WSOP advantage on ESPN? Well, you should accept set your DVR, or watched one of the abounding reruns that accept aired. We get it, you're busy. Analysis out WSOP Main Accident on ESPN for the recap. has a TrustE New Sidekick is demography the all-important accomplish to move into the U.S. market. It has anchored aegis measures and is now accustomed by the TRUSTe, a awful admired Internet assurance provider. Analysis out Gets TRUSTe Stamp of Approval for more.

Costa Rican Regulations

The Costa Rican abridgement has been fueled by the online gaming industry for the accomplished ten years. Now, Costa Rican Finance Minister Guillermo ZuГ±iga alien a bill that would tax all online and offline bank operators based in Costa Rica. There would be a 2% tax levied on all revenues generated by the operators.

There has been no official chat as to whether the bill has passed, but abounding humans accept the bill could impede the new bread-and-butter bearings in Costa Rica. An abridgement chic is getting formed with an dispensable assets that has become a alcove audience for big retail and aliment stores. Abounding bank operators are advancing to move to adjoining Panama if the tax is approved. has added of the story.

Hellmuth Tased Me Bro

Well, not exactly. Phil Hellmuth has been appear as the host for a alms poker clash to account collapsed law administration officers. Hold'em for Heroes will yield abode in November to account the TASER Foundation for Collapsed Officers. The alignment provides banking abutment to local, accompaniment and federal admiral absent in the band of duty.

"My accompany and I are beholden to these adventurous men and women and we’re appreciative to advice out," Hellmuth said.

The three-day alms accident begins November 19 at Fort McDowell Casino, Fort McDowell, Ariz.

For added information, arch over to

High-Stakes Activity in Abounding Swing

Our little bird on the abuse has appear abroad from the Abounding Tilt Poker high-stakes tables with some account on the better winners and losers of August. We know, so why shouldn't you? Analysis out the Online Railbird Report.

2009 Apple Championship of Online Poker

The 2009 Apple Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) began this week. We fabricated some predictions on who we anticipate would yield home a WCOOP bracelet. Actuality are the winners so far:

Event 1 - ChopSueyyy - $247,602.01

Event 2 - Dan “djk123” Kelly - $53,410.01

Event 3 - MUSTAFETBET - $86,247.01

Event 4 - 2FLY2TILT - $42,000

Event 5 - FireGoblin - $28,019.26

Event 6 - vakAAttack -$183,334.81

Event 7 - CesarSPA - $33,500

Event 8 - iacog4 - $64,000

Bodog Welcomes Canadians

Just in time for Bodog's 15-year ceremony (they're growing up so fast these days), has launched. This barrage will acquiesce Canadian players admission to Bodog Sports, Bodog Poker and Bodog Promotions. "We’re acutely aflame to be able to accompany the different Bodog acquaintance to Canadian players. Canadians are amorous sports admirers and are acutely adeptness consumers," said Bodog Europe Managing Director Keith McDonnell. What abroad is accident in gaming about the world? Analysis the International Poker MarketPlace report, and hey you Canadians, assurance up for Bodog now, that is if you're not too active arena hockey, or bubbler for that matter.

Gun Activity Breaks Out in Houston Poker Room

Originally appear by Pokerati, three gunmen rushed an underground poker bold getting captivated at a bounded band mall. One amateur absitively to activity aback and attempt one of the thieves who was after begin asleep in a parking lot. The added two gunmen able and although one amateur was hit by a bullet, he allegedly will be accomplished because he alone suffered a noncritical wound. Allegedly the gunmen abandoned the old adage "Don't blend with Texas."

Pokerati has more, as able-bodied as a video from the Houston Chronicle.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan searching to "FullFlush1" the Competion

Poker admirers are absolutely salivating at the possiblity of a "durrrr", "FullFlush1" showdown at the PKR Heads-Up Grand Slam in London from October 8 through 10. There has been annihilation debris allocution amid these two in the past. Will the animosity continue? We achievement so, rivalries are abundant for the game.

Players can aswell authorize for one of the PKR Heads-Up Grand Slame six accessible seats with satellites that will run alone at

They're Seeing Affluence of Flops in Europe

This ceremony saw affluence of clash activity in Europe, with the PokerStars EPT Barcelona in abounding swing, the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic starting today, and the Partouche Poker Tour arena down to a final table that will reconvene in November.

PokerStars EPT Grand Final runner-up Matt Woodward started Day 2 as the dent leader, with the actual advancing Lex Veldhuis, and the afresh pick-pocketed Daniel Negreanu hot on his heels. Reside Advantage is underway here.

Gloria Balding has brought us updates from anniversary day of the Partouche Poker Tour, and November 21 final table will attending like this:

Michael Tureniec: 3,041,000

Cedric Rossi: 2,793,000

Gianni Giaroni: 2,318,000

Michel Janvier: 1,997,000

Hassan Fares: 1,595,000

Mika Puumalainen: 1,296,000

Jean-Paul Paqualini: 1,185,000

Wesley Pantling: 895,000

Henri Kettunen: 528,000

We've been aflame for the WPT Merit Cyrpus Classic for weeks and it assuredly got underway today. Follow all the activity reside at PokerNews.

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