Sunday, September 6, 2009

PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona Day 2: Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier Picking Up Steam

The actual 240 players alternate today to abide their adventure in the Main Event of the 2009 PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona. It didn't yield continued for things to get hot and abundant as about 100 players were alone from activity aural the aboriginal two levels of play.

Amongst those to avenue aboriginal were poker icons Freddy Deeb and Daniel Negreanu. Deeb had his queens ashamed by an opponent's abridged kings aboriginal in the day and was larboard acutely crippled, to be alone anon thereafter. Deeb did endure best than Negreanu though, who absent two big pots aural account of one addition to accord abroad his six-figure stack. Sandra Naujoks, Leo Margets and Florian Langmann aswell fabricated aboriginal exits to the rail.

Matt Woodward began the day as the dent baton with 193,300. A little added than two hours later, Woodward begin himself acquiescent a assemblage alert that size, acknowledgment to a big addition if he took his ace-king up adjoin Craig Bergeron's ace-queen. With his duke captivation up, Woodward alone Bergeron and ample up about 400,000 chips. Throughout the day, a brace of big pots bootless to go his way though, banishment him to accomplishment up with about 200,000 chips.

Both Samer Rahman and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier acclimated their aggressiveness to body ample dent endless during today's play. Rahman was complex in abundant ample pots, causing his assemblage to go through absolutely a roller coaster ride. On the added hand, ElkY was quiet for a lot of of the day, but as the players approached the balloon his aggressiveness increased. He consistently aloft and put as abundant burden on his table as he could, abusing the tighter players and accepting admired chips in the process.

Approximately eight-hours into play, the balloon burst. Lex Veldhuis took a massive hit just a few spots off the money if he got his basal set adjoin a amateur captivation a brace and a beeline draw. The river agenda completed his opponentŠ²Š‚™s straight, causing Veldhuis to lose about all of his chips. A few easily later, Veldhuis was beatific packing. Just moments later, the money was accomplished and play concluded for the night.

Amongst the actual 72 players abiding for Day 3 are Mike "Timex" McDonald, Roland de Wolfe, Thierry Van Den Berg, Marc Goodwin and Noah Boeken.

Canadian Matt Lapossie begin himself aloft the leaderboard if things were all said and done closing out the day with a few big pots and bushing his bag with about 700,000 chips.

Play will resume tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. bounded time (GMT+2) area the plan is to play down to the final three tables of action.

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