Sunday, August 30, 2009

Party Poker Revenues Down Dramatically

I never anticipation that I would see the day if PartyGaming would rake about as abundant from their bank operations as their poker business.

There was a time if Party Poker was the 800 batter apache of the online poker world, untouchable by even the brand of Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker.

However, the UIGEA happened, PartyGaming pulled out of the US exchange and they accept been disturbing to abide accordant anytime since.

PartyGaming afresh appear their after-effects for the aboriginal bisected of 2009.

Revenues were down appreciably from endure year ($201 actor vs $255 million), led by a affecting bead in revenues from their online poker operation ($102.6 actor vs $153.9 million).

Net revenues were down 33% from endure year, while gross revenues were down 29%. The aggregation in fact paid out beneath in bonuses this year compared to last, even admitting their new "Super Sign-Up" benefit was alien in the additional bisected of 2008.

PartyGaming abhorrent three things on their bead in revenues - aggressive pressures, an bread-and-butter arrest and "adverse bill movements".

The "competitive pressures" appear as a aftereffect of Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars locking horns in a angry action for online poker supremacy.

The two apartment accumulate aggravating to one-up anniversary added in an attack to accretion bazaar share.

The result? Apartment such as Party Poker attack to accumulate up as much-richer apartment (FTP and Pokerstars) advisedly bowl out bonuses and player-friendly promotions in an attack to outshine their competition.

PartyGaming aswell cites the recession as a acumen for their crumbling earnings, which makes you admiration if FTP and Pokerstars accept aswell accomplished a agnate economic-related slowdown. Player numbers on the two sites wouldn't assume to announce this, but who knows.

It's absorbing to agenda that PartyGaming's "customer bad debts" were way up as a allotment of their revenues in the aboriginal bisected of 2009. 1.6% compared to 0.4% in all of 2008, and 0.4% in all of 2007. That's absolutely a block of change because that PartyGaming raked in about $200 actor dollars in the aboriginal bisected of the year.

With all of that getting said, the aggregation is acutely well-positioned to abound traveling forward.

They accept acclimatized all of their acknowledged issues in the United States and are acutely assured that they will be accomplishing business in the country anon afterwards online poker is eventually regulated.

In addition, the aggregation has congenital up a war chest of funds to use for abeyant acquisitions.

The basal band - Party Poker is disturbing appropriate now, but don't calculation them out. If and if online poker is accountant and adapted in the United States, it will be a accomplished 'nother brawl game.

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